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Marcus Antonius. History and Tradition PDF

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Marcus Antonius. History and Tradition

“The present collection of articles is devoted to one of the most famous figures of Roman history. For centuries now, Mark Antony has attracted the attention of not only historians, but also pop culture artists, mainly due to his fascinating life. The origin of his legend is also one of the major issues, on which the attention of the collection’s authors have focused. […] the contributions which constitute the collection shed light on these aspects of Mark Antony’s career and legend which do not usually fall within the areas of interest of authors of classic versions of this remarkable and controversial politican’s biography. Similarly to an earlier publication devoted to Sulla, the reviewed collection will be valuable complementary contribution to the history of the last generation of the Roman Republic. The fact that this undertaking employed representatives of various scientific fields of study (historians, philologists, and archeologists) will certainly have an impact on its cohesion. One the other hand, however, it seems that this is a price worth paying for the opportunity to look at the history of rome and Antony in so many different ways. The present collection af articles I have reviewed certainly deserves publication.”
[An excerpt from the review by Prof. Przemysław Wojciechowski]

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